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This is a top-level page to provide for what will eventually be a set of pages about Plassey on the Shannon in Limerick. The first is a page about the Black Bridge. [lknav20]

Planting Plassey

A group called We Love Plassey Riverbank has a facetweet page and another group called Limerick City Biodiversity Network also has one. On Sunday 13 May 2012, starting at noon, the two groups will cooperate in planting native wildflowers along the … Continue reading

The barge at Plassey: seeking experts on iron

On my old photographic website I had a page of photos of an abandoned barge at Plassey, on the River Shannon. I have now moved those photos to here and added some text. I am hoping that someone expert in … Continue reading

The barge at Plassey

The old, and now disused, Limerick Navigation was in five sections: one mile of canal from Limerick to the Shannon, cutting off the rapids at Corbally one mile in the river to Plassey, where the University of Limerick is now … Continue reading

Who writes this stuff?

The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage on the Black Bridge at Plass[e]y and on Baal’s Bridge in Limerick. It would be nice if the NIAH provided reliable historical information.  

The Gillogue railroad

Gillogue, in Co Clare, is the site of a former Burlington factory and of a Clare entrance to the University of Limerick. It is also the site of a lock on the Plassey–Errina Canal, a section of the old Limerick Navigation, and … Continue reading

The Naas Branch

Naas Branch, Naas Line, Naas and Corbally Branch, Herbertstown Branch … it started life as an independent entity, constructed by the County of Kildare Canal Company, set up by an act of 1786 to link the Grand Canal to Kilcullen … Continue reading

Not Grand

Limerick’s SmarterTravel initiative aims to promote cycling, walking, car sharing and public transport. It has a little leaflet (I can’t find a downloadable version) describing five walking and cycling routes and including information on bus routes, a cycle to work scheme and … Continue reading

The locks on the Limerick Navigation

This is a table showing (in metres) the sizes of the locks on the Limerick Navigation, the now-abandoned link between Limerick and Killaloe. Cussane, Errina and Gillogue were double locks (staircase pairs). Lock Width Mitre to mitre Mitre to sill … Continue reading

Watson’s Double Canal Boat

From the late 1820s to the late 1840s, the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company [initially as the Inland Steam Navigation Company] carried cargo and passengers across Ireland, from the western end of the Shannon estuary to the port of … Continue reading