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Shannon Castle Line

On 1 April 1976 the business name Shannon Castle Line was registered. Its address was Williamstown Harbour, Whitegate, Co Clare. The business number was 57837.

On 6 July 1999 a statement of particulars for the business name Shannon Castle Line was registered. The company Skyline Entertainment Limited had adopted the business name on 11 June 1999; its business was Hire of cruiser fleet.

On 25 April 2005 the business name Shannon Castle Line was registered by a company named Twinross Holdings Limited; its business was as a holding company. The company number was 299191.

On 11 April 2014 the business name Shannon Castle Line was registered by DDL Marine Limited, whose business is the renting of water transport equipment. DDL’s application to register was received by the Companies Registration Office on 7 March 2014.

All companies gave their address as Williamstown Harbour, [Whitegate,] Co Clare.

I am unable to reach the website of Shannon Castle Line, which is a member of the Irish Marine Federation.

There were once four cruiser hire firms on Lough Derg below Portumna Bridge, plus Emerald Star just above it.


RNLI on Lough Derg

8 July 2012

Lifeboat on the way

Nearly there

Coming alongside the casualty

Helm Colin Knight

Preparing to tow

Under way

Heading for Williamstown

Almost there




Lough Derg 8 July 2012

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Lough Derg 1839

Drawings now uploaded. Much more activity in these than in the Lough Ree equivalents, with steamers towing barges, turf boats, the surveyors’ cutter and other excitements.



From the hearts of cranes

Several ports on the Shannon Navigation have old cranes (or parts thereof), most of them nicely painted. Their age may not be apparent, but it is possible that they date back to the days of the Shannon Commissioners in the 1840s; at least one of them may be even older than that.

This page shows photographs of those cranes I know of, and discusses their possible ages. But there is much that remains unknown, and readers may be able to cast light on some of the mysteries.