Turf and bog navigations

The Bog of Allen from the Grand Canal (1835)

John’s Canal, Castleconnell

The canal at the World’s End

The Finnery River Navigation

The Lough Boora Feeder

The Little Brosna

The Lullymore Canal as wasn’t

The Roscrea canals

Lacy’s Canal

The Rockville Navigations 1, 2 and 3 and a descent


The Colthurst canals

The Inny



2 responses to “Turf and bog navigations

  1. Brian
    Not a comment but a query. I’m trying to find details of Lacy’s Canal near Mullingar, but so far I’ve found very little in any reference books. As the all-seeing, all-knowing genius that you are, could you help?

  2. Alas: I spent some time on the subject myself and failed utterly to find anything about the canal’s origins, builder or purpose. It’s one of those topics for which I keep my eyes open in case I find it mentioned while I’m looking for something else, but there has been nothing so far.

    I think that the only solution is to spend some time in the library or archives in Mullingar (which I won’t be doing in the immediate future). Good luck with the search; if you find anything, I’d be interested to hear about it.


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