Waterways Ireland vehicles

How many vehicles does Waterways Ireland operate? I don’t know, so I’m hoping readers will help me to find out. Please take photos of any WI vehicles you see, send the pics to me with a note of where and when they were taken, give me permission to publish the pics on this page and we’ll build up a collection showing WI’s entire fleet. I mean, if it’s done for Eddie Stobart, then why not for Waterways Ireland? The vehicles may not be as big as these, but size isn’t everything.

WI vehicles on the Shannon–Erne Waterway

To start things off, here are some pics of WI vehicles along the Shannon–Erne Waterway.

Van at Riversdale

I think this is the van of a WI mechanic, who was down fettling the Inspector’s SEW launch Eonish. Here is another photo of the van, showing WI’s waste collection permit number.

Van at Riversdale showing serial number

Small van at Ballyconnell. May belong to patrollers

Grass-cutting team’s van at Ballyconnell …

… with annoying notice on the side

When I hear the word “fun” I reach for my shotgun.

Or I might, if I had one.

WI pickup at Ballyconnell

A different (I think) WI pickup at Riversdale

A crew-cab pickup at Riversdale

Grand Canal

Jason’s jeep

Additions January 2013

Shannon Harbour December 2012 29_resize

Pick-up at Shannon Harbour

Big truck at Shannon Harbour

Big truck at Shannon Harbour

WI truck at Shannon Harbour December 2012 01_resize

Close-up of the registration plate of the large truck

WI van at Shannonbridge December 2012_resize

Pick-up at Shannonbridge

Large truck at Lowtown

Large truck at Lowtown

WI white van at Lowtown 20120403 rear_resize

WI white van at Lowtown

Send more!

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