Prothero on the Armagh Blackwater and the Ulster Canal in the 1890s

From F E Prothero and W A Clark eds A New Oarsman’s Guide to the Rivers and Canals of Great Britain and Ireland: Cruising Club Manual, George Philip & Son, London 1896.

Note that Prothero does not mention Bond’s Bridge, said by the Guide to the Ulster Canal (IWAI 2007) to have been built in 1890; on the other hand Prothero does mention a ferry at Derrygalley. This suggests that Prothero may have been relying on an older (pre-1890) account.

Gear at Templetate Lock (22)


He gives “Battledown” as the name of a bridge rather than “Battleford”. Some of the locks are given different names:

9 Tynan Abbey (Prothero), Bondville (IWAI)
10 Middletown (Prothero), Foyduff (IWAI)
11–12 Tuckmilltale (Prothero), Tyholland/Monaghan Mushrooms (IWAI)
17 Roosky (Prothero), Ashlum/Asylum (IWAI)

The differences don’t matter very much, but the lack of detail in the later stages strengthens the idea that Prothero did not travel this route himself.




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