Larry Duggan and the Slaney cot

I described, on my page about the Slaney cot built by Larry Duggan in Wexford, how we found ourselves alongside the cot, on its trailer, as we waited for the Rosslare ferry. I took photos and we had a few words with the boat’s owner.

He recently found my page about the cot and, in Comments on the page, said that the cot is on the River Usk; he very kindly agreed to send some photos of the cot’s construction, its builder and its home. The copyright in these photos [which I have greatly reduced in size] belongs to Christian Brown; they may not be used without his permission.

Larry Duggan (Christian Brown) 01_resize

Larry Duggan at work


Larry Duggan (Christian Brown) 03_resize

Work in progress

Larry Duggan (Christian Brown) 02_resize

The master’s hand

Doing the deal 01 (Christian Brown)_resize

Doing the deal

Doing the deal 02 (Christian Brown)_resize

A toast

Picking the boat up (Christian Brown)_resize

Picking the boat up

Cot on the water (Christian Brown)_resize

Cot on the water


Here are some links to information about Larry Duggan.

Wexford County Council (I don’t know whether the podcasts are accessible)

Involvement in a boat-building scheme

Dublin Bay Mermaids in Wexford

Larry Duggan on wildfowl (if the audio works)

This page refers to Larry Duggan’s appearance in an Open University programme called Coast, as does this page, but I couldn’t find a link to the programme.

I am grateful to Christian for allowing publication of these photos.


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