Victoria Lock: ship-handling

As Victoria Lock is in Northern Ireland, I am unable to provide an OSI map showing the layout: my OSI licence and the OSI website seem to cover the Newry area on the ~1840 map but not the ~1900 that would (I presume) show the Victoria Lock at Upper Fathom.

Looking down the lough towards Carlingford

However, there is a superb aerial (satellite?) photo on the Google Maps site; all going well, the embedded link below should show it, and you can zoom in and out as you wish.

This first page about the lock covers some of the provision for ship-handling.

Lighter below the lock

For convenience, I’m going to pretend that the lock is aligned north-south, with the upper gates at the northern end and the lower at the south. The canal runs along the western side of the lough, so the west side of the lock is the landward side and the east side of the lock is the water side.

Concrete and stone quays below the lock

The concrete quay, with sign telling you you should have booked 48 hours ago

The stone quay upstream of the concrete quay. I think the ladder is in a stop-plank groove. Note the small bollard left of the top of the ladder

The small bollard, the only one of its kind I saw

Bollard below the lock on the east side

Bollard on east side of chamber

Bollard on west side of chamber

Bollards and lay-by on west side above lock

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