Taking the Pill

Thanks to the indefatigable Brian Simpson for news of the boat rally on St John’s Pill/River on Saturday 30 May 2015.

River Boat Meeting 16x3

The poster advertising the event

Brian said that the original plan was to just do a rally from Cherrymount bridge to Sheep’s bridge but that two boats made the trip from the Suir at Scotch Quay up to Cherrymount slip. He wrote:

Well, what a tremendous success today was; Cherrymount bridge was one busy port. Just like to thank

  • all the very hard-working Friends of St John’s River committee and families
  • Heather Kiely of Sacred Heart Family Resource Centre
  • The Munster Express [all links are to FaceBook pages] and Spar Kilcohan for providing refreshments
  • Waterford Marine Search and Rescue for providing safety cover
  • Irish Coast Guard for free pens and wristbands
  • Déisepix and Waterford In Your Pocket for all the great coverage
  • Mayor Lola O’Sullivan and the three fellow Councillors Breda Brennan, Jim Griffin and John Hearne
  • Bobby’s Butchers and Hayes’s shop/The Busy Bee’s Garden for sticking up posters
  • the Waterford Small Boat Owners Association
  •  all the many participants who came from near and far
  • but most especially all the public who supported us.

Fair play to the three lads from the Waterford Small Boat Owners Association who slowly but successfully made the first navigation (in many years) of two boats from Scotch Quay to Cherrymount slipway and Jimmy O’Brien who
successfully navigated his boat from Sheep’s bridge to the slipway at Cherrymount.

John Devereux has the fine distinction of being the first to navigate from Scotch Quay to Cherrymount slip.


Low bridge? No problem


Elegant canoe


The slipway


Tá siad ag teacht


Lonesome boatman


The St John’s River has a very bright future with old and new traditions coming back.Please spread the word about this great place!


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