The steamer Dover Castle for sale in 1840


“The People — the True Source of Legitimate Power”
Tuesday evening, April 21, 1840


Where she now lies, the fast and beautiful Steamer


This boat was built by one of the first Builders in England, Mr.BALLY, of Shoreham; she is 114 Tons register, not including Engine Room, and a beautiful model — measures 130 feet on Deck, and 17 feet Beam, 11 feet depth of Hold; has a raised Quarter Deck — draws 7½ feet water in ballast trim, and 8½ feet loaded, and carries a large cargo. She is six years old — built of British Oak, Copper Fastened, powerfully strong, and well fastened in every way. Her Engines (two forty-horse), were made by the first makers in London, MAUDSLAY & Co., and are in as good and perfect order as the day they were put into her — Boilers as good as new, having had a thorough overhaul within the last year. She is a fine Sea Boat — Steams remarkably fast, and is admirably adapted for a Passage Boat, having two large Cabins handsomely fitted in mahogany, with Ladies’ Cabin, Steward’s Cabin, and Captain’s Private Cabin, and hold fore and aft for carrying goods. Is well found in every respect, and now plying between Limerick and Kilrush. — She is well worthy the attention of parties wanting such, and will bear the closest examination.

Further particulars can be learned on application to Mr.JOHN RUSSELL Limerick. April 7.

The Limerick Reporter ad

“Bally”, the shipbuilder, should actually be “Balley”; it seems that Balley had a Swiss Garden.

There is quite a lot of information about Maudslay & Co, who were important builders of steam engines; see this page from the London Science Museum (and especially the information under “Machines for all the world”) and this video of a Maudslay stationary engine in operation. Grace’s Guide has a page here and there is of course a Wikipedia page.

Note: the Dover Castle was not sold until the following year, when it was bought by the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company.

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