L+M Keating waterways projects 2012–3

Update February 2013: here are links to some L & M Keating web pages on waterways-related projects:


Here are some photos of waterways projects on which I noticed L+M Keating working in 2012 and early 2013. I’ve also included, and will start with, a couple of pics from 2011. These are from the works at Killaloe, which included new moorings, a walkway and a flash lock.

Pontoon (L&M Keating Ltd) building the flash lock at Killaloe January 2011

L+M Keating pontoon above the bridge at Killaloe

Workboat (L&M Keating Ltd) building the flash lock at Killaloe January 2011

L+M Keating workboat (I presume)

The next photo shows the firm dredging the Grand Canal in Dublin; this photo is courtesy of Waterways Ireland. I think it’s the same excavator as I photographed in Limerick: it can float, then flood the pontoons around which its tracks revolve.

Grand Canal dredging Dublin (WI) 01_resize

Dredging Dublin

Keatings are working on the installation of a riverside boardwalk in Limerick. This photo was taken from the far side of the river, ino the sun alas.

L & M Keating working on Limerick Boardwalkl January 2013 01_resize

Into the sun

L & M Keating working on Limerick Boardwalkl January 2013 02_resize

A better pic

Finally, Keatings seem to have been working, late last year, on both ends of the embankment that runs along the west side of the Shannon between Meelick and Portumna.

L&M Keating at Connaught Harbour December 2012_resize

The Portumna end: Connaught Harbour

L&M Keating at Meelick village December 2012_resize

The Meelick end


4 responses to “L+M Keating waterways projects 2012–3

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  2. No: that didn’t work either … and I think it was because I pressed the wrong button. Apologies. I hope it works now …. bjg

  3. Are King John’s Castle and Rank’s Mill close enough to the water to count as waterways projects? L & M Keating are everywhere these days!
    And the interesting thing is that although Louis is based in a county in which the Keating name is ubiquitous, I am told that he comes from a family with no Clare connections, which in previous generations has produced a famous politician (Justin) and a famous painter (Seán).

  4. Ranks/Bannatynes certainly is. I saw the L+MK signs up but didn’t have my camera with me, alas. I don’t think castles qualify, though. Family note is interesting; Justin’s brother Paul was head of the Dept of Foreign Affairs, IIRC. bjg

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