From the Clodiagh to St John’s Pill


To be LET, from the first of January next, for any term that may be agreed upon, the new and extensive FLOUR MILLS of PORTLAW, in the county of Waterford, containing six pair of Stones, two Steel Mills, Bolting Machines, and every other kind of Machinery for the manufacturing the finest flour, in perfect repair and condition; no Mills can be better supplied with water, as they stand on the never-failing river Clodia, within one hundred yards of the Navigation to the River Suir.

Also, to be LET, the well-known complete BAKE-HOUSE, in John-Street, consisting of three large Ovens on a new construction for saving fuel, with Storehouses, Lofts, and every other convenience for carrying on the Baking Business, both of Breead and Biscuit, in the most extensive manner. There can be no doubt but these two concerns, if they fall into the hands of intelligent people, will prove the source of a very ample fortune in a few years. The proprietor will, therefore only add, that on his part no possible encouragement shall be wanting to a tenant possessed of abilities, to carry on with spirit, the most powerful and completest Works in the three kingdoms.

Note. The Flour can be sent by water, from within one hundred yards of the Mills, to within twenty of the Bake-house.

Application to be made, by letter post paid, to John Thomas Medlycott Esq, No 17 Grafton-street, Dublin, or to John Edwards Bourne, Mayfield, Waterford.

Mayfield, Nov 21st, 1785

Dublin Evening Post 29 November 1785

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