The Royal Canal

Water supply to the Royal Canal: the feeders

The Lough Owel feeder

The proposed supply of water from Lough Ennell

Kinnegad and the Royal Canal

F E Prothero on the Royal Canal in the 1890s

The Broadstone  Line in Dublin

Steamers on the Royal and a sunken barge

Horse-drawn traffic: Leech of Killucan and the bog ore trade; Nicholas Butler’s onboard stabling

Filling in the Royal: what Keynes might have recommended if something isn’t done to increase usage

Waterways widdershins: some advice (from 2011) on a possible route from the Shannon to Dublin and back along Grand and Royal

Clontarf to Clondra: Clontarf Yacht and Boat Club’s 2011 commemoration of its 1925 trip

The whore who held the mortgage on the Royal Canal

Eggs: an important trade on the Royal

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