The Park Canal: why it should not be restored

This page provides links to pages setting out the case for not restoring the Park Canal, the lowest section of the Limerick Navigation that formerly linked Limerick to Killaloe and Lough Derg.

The Park Canal 01: it says in the papers

The Park Canal 02: local government

The Park Canal 03: sinking the waterbus

The Park Canal 04: the Limerick weir

The Park Canal 05: cruisers from the Royal Canal

The Park Canal 06: What is to be done? (V I Lenin)

Addendum 12 September 2013: there has been a new proposal ….

Here is a Limerick Post article explaining why the canal has not been reopened.

Here are two pieces I wrote on Friday 9 November 2012 about a separate proposal for a river bus to run between the Ranks jetty at Athlunkard and Ardnacrusha. As of 12 September 2013, I have heard no further news of the proposal.


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