Camphire slip

The slipway at Camphire is across the river from the quay and slip at Villierstown.

Camphire slip and Villierstown pier (OSI)

Villierstown is a dual-purpose installation:

  • a quay for the schooners (and other vessels) loading and unloading cargoes on their way up and down the Blackwater
  • a slip for the ferry carrying passengers and cargoes across the Blackwater.

Villierstown quay, seen from Camphire slip

Solidly built installation at the slip. I don’t know what it was for

The slip extends well out into the water

I’m guessing, but I suspect that the ferry must have been a large flat-bottomed boat, perhaps with ramps at both ends to allow both animals (cattle, horses) and wheeled vehicles on and off. The crossing would have saved people a considerable journey by road to reach the nearest bridges.

Wing wall leading to the slip

As usual, I would be grateful to anyone who can explain the various features to me.

Vertical iron pillar

I wonder whether the ferry might have been attached to a rope or chain, both for propulsion and to prevent its being swept downriver.

Close-up of the 25″ OSI map of ~1900

The works on the west bank extend a considerable way, presumably to overcome the mud banks.

Villierstown Quay; the slip is to the left of the quay

Camphire House seen from Villierstown Quay

Villierstown slip and quay

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