Some happenings that provided a moment’s amusement.

The dancing vans of Haughton’s Shore

So there we were, back in 2003, at Haughton’s Shore on the Shannon–Erne Waterway, when three vans drove in. And drove around. And took up various positions ….

First position

Now, a conga

All look this way, please: and a one two three and a one two three

No, I’ve no idea either. But the firm of Brendan Wisley is based in Ballinamore, County Leitrim, not far from Haughton’s Shore; here is a Sunday Tribune article about it.

The only explanation I’ve been able to think of is that there might have been a photographer present, taking pics for publicity material, but I couldn’t see anyone. And I didn’t walk down to look: that would have spoiled it.

The Powerwalker of Portrunny

Put on white socks, get into car, drive to Portrunny, walk purposefully down one pier and back, walk down another and back, walk down a third and back, walk to the other end of the harbour and back, get into car, go away. Don’t talk to anyone.


The wedding photos

During two days on Lough Allen, we saw only two other boats moving. One paid a short visit to Spencer Harbour, but that apart we had the place largely to ourselves — until the wedding arrived.

No religious or civil ceremony appeared to take place; as far as we could see, the sole purpose of the visit was to take photographs.

Long white car arrives

Many people, wearing wedding clothes, start walking towards us

Man in Black gives directions

Being photographed. I presumed they had hoped to have a scenic lake background and I hoped they weren't too discommoded by the interposition of a scruffy great barge

Now what?

Where is the Man in Black going?

He's following the bride, the groom and another MiB

More photos. I'm sure that, if Waterways Ireland had known its ramp would provide a background for wedding pics, they'd have installed a more elegant-looking version

The biters bit (or the snappers snapped)

I bet they're deliberately ...

... trying to keep the barge out of the pics

I dunno, looks OK to me (pic taken later in the day)

Rural spaceman

If the spray is that dangerous, could we have some protection too please?

2 responses to “Eh?

  1. I dunno, the Powerwalker has spoken to me, maybe he just likes me more. Maybe ‘spoken’ is the wrong word: really he shouted at me for not keeping my Leavy on a lead. She thought he was great fun, almost as good as a person with a fishing rod.

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