Waterways body: salaries of officers …

… in 1828.

The Board of Inland Navigation in Ireland, 17 March 1828

Names of officers Salaries (IR£) Remarks
Daniel Corneille, late Chairman 800-00-00 Died 12 August 1825
James Saurin, Chairman 800-00-00
John Armit, Director 500-00-00
Henry R Paine, Director 500-00-00
John Radcliff, Director 500-00-00 Appointed 3 September 1825
Francis Trench, Secretary 500-00-00
Martin Dillon Manning, Accountant 270-00-00
William Searight, Clerk Min 180-00-00
William Harding, Clerk 120-00-00
Daniel Corneille, Clerk 100-00-00
David J Lyster, Clerk 100-00-00
Owen Fay, Messenger 50-00-00
Thomas Russell, Porter 30-00-00 Dies 23 July 1823
George Russell, Porter 30-00-00
Mary Haulor, Housemaid 30-00-00
John Brownrigg, Engineer 568-15-00
John Killaly, Engineer 568-15-00
Charles M Seymour, Assistant Engineer and Superintendent of the Northern Navigation 300-00-00

The Board received £25,849/12/4 in parliamentary annual grants and £15,803/0/10¼ in tolls. It is thought that the current waterways authority’s income from tolls is rather less significant.

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