Waterways body: salaries of officers …

… in 1828.

The Board of Inland Navigation in Ireland, 17 March 1828

Names of officers Salaries (IR£) Remarks
Daniel Corneille, late Chairman 800-00-00 Died 12 August 1825
James Saurin, Chairman 800-00-00
John Armit, Director 500-00-00
Henry R Paine, Director 500-00-00
John Radcliff, Director 500-00-00 Appointed 3 September 1825
Francis Trench, Secretary 500-00-00
Martin Dillon Manning, Accountant 270-00-00
William Searight, Clerk Min 180-00-00
William Harding, Clerk 120-00-00
Daniel Corneille, Clerk 100-00-00
David J Lyster, Clerk 100-00-00
Owen Fay, Messenger 50-00-00
Thomas Russell, Porter 30-00-00 Dies 23 July 1823
George Russell, Porter 30-00-00
Mary Haulor, Housemaid 30-00-00
John Brownrigg, Engineer 568-15-00
John Killaly, Engineer 568-15-00
Charles M Seymour, Assistant Engineer and Superintendent of the Northern Navigation 300-00-00

The Board received £25,849/12/4 in parliamentary annual grants and £15,803/0/10¼ in tolls. It is thought that the current waterways authority’s income from tolls is rather less significant.

2 responses to “Waterways body: salaries of officers …

  1. The above Martin Dillon Manning was the son of Matthew Manning and Lady Helen Dillon daughter of the 10th Earl of Roscommon.

  2. Thank you. Do you perchance know the political affiliations (whig or tory) of the Mannings of that time? bjg

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