Templemichael and Molana Abbey have, as far as I know, no navigational significance. And, unlike (again, as far as I know) the other places shown here, they are on private property: that of the Ballynatray Estate.

Gate at Templemichael

The owners actually welcome and make provision for visitors, which is nice to see, if you’ve had to park in a ditch and scramble through muddy fields, fending off cattle, to reach other historic Irish sites. An oval sign on a pole reads (or read in 2015):

Ballynatray Estate

No Camping
No Fires

All Dogs must be kept
on lead at ALL times

That seems very reasonable to me. Two oval signs on a gate read:


For Molana, turn right out of the
car park on foot 100m to twin lodges

Pedestrian gate open from Easter to
1st October, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
& Thursdays, from 9.30AM to 4.30PM

Please note the gate will lock
automatically at 4.30PM

Please take care on the road



This car park is provided by the
owner of Ballynatray for the sole
use of visitors to Templemichael
Church and Molana Abbey

Visitors are welcome

Please treat the ruins and their
surroundings with the respect
which their age and beauty deserve

And so say all of me. Landowners who make provision for visitors deserve to be encouraged.

Templemichael is opposite Ardsallagh quay and vice versa (OSI 25″ ~1900)

Church at Templemichael

Tower at Templemichael

Looking across to Ardsallagh quay

The Ardsallagh (east, left) bank

Looking upstream to Ballynatray

Molana Abbey. We didn’t walk up to it, having arrived at the wrong time

Looking downstream towards Youghal

Was this a quay wall? The site is very close to the river and I wonder how often it flooded

The Ballynatray boathouse, just visible between the branches

Map close-up (OSI 25″ ~1900)

Molana Abbey

The east bank

A very scenic place for a picnic .

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