A riverside seat in Clonmel

How kind of the authorities to provide a new seat beside the river in Clonmel.

The new seat

The immediate surroundings may not be the most salubrious …

The surroundings

… but the seat itself seems to be up to scratch, possessing all the requisite attributes: a bit to sit on, a back, several legs.

The seat

This is the view from the riverside seat.

The view

Scenic, eh?

The thing is that the seat has its back to the river. And behind it is a flood defence wall. The whole of Clonmel now has flood defence walls; I’m not sure there is anywhere in the town, with the possible exception of Denis Burke Park, that you could see the river from a seated position.


2 responses to “A riverside seat in Clonmel

  1. Bernadette Markley

    its a rare seat alright.. a few single person bench types are badly needed for the aged and limited mobility persons of Clonmel to be able to take a walk and get about the town..

  2. and I thought that ALL the brain dead planning commissioners were here in the States!

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