Scalpa at Shannon Harbour December 2012 05_resize

7 responses to “Scalpa at Shannon Harbour December 2012 05_resize

  1. I had many wonderful times on Scalpa.It is so sad to see her like this.I would be glad to talk to anyone about her.Is she for sale?I must go and see her.I was on her first in 1959.

  2. Thanks for that, Paddy. Is there any chance you would write down a few memories of Scalpa? I’d be happy to put them up here as at least some part of her history. I don’t know her current condition; my most recent photo is from December 2012. bjg

  3. Is this blog still running? I have a photo of the Scalpa in it’s original glory that I can send in. It was my grandfather’s boat. Sad to see it in this condition compared to the original image.

  4. That would be very kind; thank you. I’ll email you direct. bjg

  5. Michelle sorry I only saw your message now.I boated many times with your grandfather.I lived in Seans bar in Athlone.
    he gave me the boat as well for my own fun.My email is contact me.

  6. RA Wright who owned the Scalpa came into our bar in Athlone which is now the famous Sean’s Bar.He asked to go on trip on his boat .He had brought it from Strangford Lough down to Limerick and up the Shannon.I did many trips with him and his beautiful wife.We went on the first Shannon boat rally and in fact won the premier award.The Judge was a navy man called Cahill.Later on about a year or two later he asked me if I would to on a trip bringing the boat back to Strangford.I agreed and we brought her up the Grand Canal and did 44 locks.Just after Mount Street Bridge there is a very low bridge and we nearly thought we would have to take the wheelhouse off .Luckiy the tide went down and we got through and out into Ringsend harbour.We got stuck in storm and had to spend three days in Howth with the fishermen feeding us herrings. we went over to Lambay island but it dries out and we had to go in Skerries and went across St. Patrick’s rocks but luckily did not hit them.Eventually we made Strangford.It was great.
    Must go and see Scalpa.

  7. I’ll be surprised if you find Scalpa. The Waterways Ireland survey of heritage boats found no trace: see Boat Survey 2020.pdf

    My photos were taken many years ago: not all the boats shown are still around. bjg

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