Mysterious birds Dromineer 02

Unidentified birds (click for much larger image)

3 responses to “Mysterious birds Dromineer 02

  1. How big were they?

  2. I was across the harbour from them (and didn’t have the telephoto lens on when they took off) so it’s hard to be precise but I’d say almost duck sizes. Compare them with the bollards and the small street-light on the end of the pier. I’ve been through my bird book and used a bird-identifying site on tinterweb without finding anything that looked quite right, but I know little of birds. bjg

  3. Thanks to the Floating Boater for identifying the birds as lapwings.

    This is the first time I’ve ever had any idea what a pilibín was (apart from its role within the Dept of P 7 T). bjg

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