Site stats

Total views of this site, since January 2009, have just gone over 400,000. There are 235 followers; I don’t know whether that includes RSS folk.

There have been 1091 posts, 271 pages and 2179 comments; 96,264 pieces of spam did not appear. Apart from the home page, the most popular topics were:

12,260 Non-WI workboats
11,849 The Bride, the Munster Blackwater and the Lismore Canal
11,032 Wooden boats on Irish inland waterways
10,113 Some boats that are … different
9,941 Waterways Ireland workboats
9,863 The ESB lock at Ardnacrusha
8,414 The abandoned Main Line of the Grand Canal 1
8,385 The middle Suir, from Carrick-on-Suir to Waterford
8,137 Traditional boats and replicas
7,367 The Broadstone Line of the Royal Canal

Most visitors come from Ireland but 42 countries are represented altogether. The vast majority find the site through search engines, which is gratifying as it suggests that the site is providing information that people want.

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