4 responses to “1936_paradise.house_co.clare_001.web_resize

  1. Robert Bennett

    Thank you for the wonderful photos. I have been in the ruins a few times and I find it a heartbreak.

  2. It would be nice to see the place restored to life. bjg

  3. My grandad was the head gardener of paradise house , i remember back in the sixties playing around the house and gardens when the house was in top shape , i saw the smoke from the burned out building , i thing it is the wishes of most of the local people and myself to see it restored to its former glory but will it ever happen , martin daly was my grandad he would turn in his grave he was to see the state of the house today .

  4. Thanks for that, Martin. Even in its present state it’s a credit to you grandad, considering the long years of neglect. bjg

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