Try this

Have a go at Waterways Ireland’s e-learning pages and let me know what you think.

3 responses to “Try this

  1. I find it hard to get past the front page of Waterway’s Ireland site – specifically the map where you can click on the Royal Canal to learn that it is “being restored”. I emailed them about a year ago to point out they’d already spent 10 years restoring it and it was finished now, so maybe they should update their website to reflect that. 1 year later, still no update. /facepalms/

  2. It has been pretty dreadful, but they do seem to have someone working on it now: there are changes to the interface, material is being reorganised and some new announcements etc are being published pretty quickly, so I think that improvements are under way. I know myself that it’s time-consuming to reorganise older material: I have several pages that really should be split and updated. bjg

  3. e_learning pages are rubbish. No interaction which is part of the definition of e-learning in my book (otherwise how do you assess if any learning has taken place). As for the Watersports page. Is the video best practice or are these wake producing examples the only type of watersport WI promotes?
    Wonder who got paid for this?

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