L+M Keating test 3 … and OSI

I think I’ve now fixed the problem with the link to the latest set of pics of L+M Keating operations [thanks, Martin]. Please let me know of it’s not working.

Another problem has been reported to me from the UK: that folk there may not be able to see OSI maps [on the OSI site, I mean, not the extracts I use here with OSI permission].

I would be grateful if folk some outside Ireland could check this link and let me know (by Commenting below) whether they can (a) see the Ordnance Survey map of Mountshannon, Co Clare, and (b) switch to the Historic 6″ and Historic 25″ maps. That would help me to identify the problem. Thanks.

6 responses to “L+M Keating test 3 … and OSI

  1. Michael John O'Donoghue

    Ordnance Survey map – Viewed, no problem.
    Historic 6″ – Viewed, no problem.
    Historic 25″ – Viewed, no problem.

  2. Thank you very much. My initial theory [about why a UK viewer couldn’t see the maps] is wrong, then, and it’s back to the drawing-board. Thank you for taking the trouble to tesst and let me know. bjg

  3. Michael John O'Donoghue

    Not wishing to confuse you, or the issue further, the fact that I am located in Adelaide, South Australia didn’t escape your notice, did it?

  4. No: my theory was that copyright issues might have prevented access from outside Ireland [I can’t see Northern Ireland on the later maps], but I can’t imagine that the OSI would discriminate between UK and other countries outside Ireland. On balance, then, I suspect it’s more likely to be a technical problem with my correspondent’s computer. bjg

  5. I can view the Mt Shannon OSI map, as well as the 6″ and 25″ versions, with no problems from upstate New York

  6. Thank you. bjg

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