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On the Beach

I am reminded of the 1957 novel [and there was also a film].

Of course the author was a hero of the Irish republican struggle: he was in the GPO in 1916.

Quick! Sign up now!

Unable to get to choir practice? Join the Sofa Singers.


A heartfelt musical tribute to Boris Johnson.

What Dublin commuters need

Just the thing for cycling along the canal into work, although the locks might be a problem.

I do hope …

… that the chap in the suit isn’t going to do what I think he’s going to do with that sheep.

The Christmas Panto …

… in Copenhagen: The Three Brexiteers.

h/t Richard Murphy

Another adventurous person

“The O’Gorman” Mahon

What interesting people …

… you come across when reading Hansard. Jane Digby, for one.

Leaving the space

A River Bathing Rite for Pilgrimaging Irish Polytheists, it says here.



I must apologise to the person who reached this site by searching for “local youghal sex videos”. There is some material here about Youghal, but I am afraid there are no videos.