The Hendersons will all be there

Pablo Fanque‘s
Circus Royal, Henry-street

TO-MORROW (WEDNESDAY) EVENING, OCT, 23d, 1850, will be repeated, for the last time, the georgeous spectacle of “Mazeppa, or the Wild Horse of Tartary”, which is about to be withdrawn for the production of other novelties.

Positively the last night of the new Comic Pantomime of “Bamfylde Moore Carew, or Harlequin, King of the Beggars”.

Triumphant Success of MR. STEVENS, the Slack Wire Dancer.

Second Week of the Celebrated Negro Melodist, “Yamborini Voy”, who continues to be received with encreased enthusiasm.

Grandest Night of the Season.


Will be produced, for the first and only time here, the Splendid Legendary and Chivalric Spectacle of “St George and the Dragon, or the Seven Champions of Christendom,” being for the benefit of Mr. H. WILLIAMS, the celebrated Double Horseman, on which occasion he will, for the first time here, execute the surprising feat of Throwing a Summerset on Horseback.

The Second of a series of Morning Performances will take place on Saturday, October 26th, at 2 o’Clock, being for the convenience of Families residing in the Country.

Box Office open daily from 11 to 3, under the direction of Mr. T. H. Johns.

From the Limerick Reporter and Tipperary Vindicator of 22 October 1850

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