A non-lunatic …

… writes about Brexit.

I do not know why the Irish government agreed to kick the can down the road, thereby losing its influence over the discussions.

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  1. Don’t worry, the Ulster Canal will bring harmony in all things :-D

  2. the government just gave themselves pay rises, now they tell us that they can’t afford to fund our schools, and the state pension pot is in trouble. I bet that all retired T.D.s are still getting their full pension though.

  3. Hear hear.

    There is a story of old that Ireland ended up with the potato because it was offered it or oil and turned down the latter.

    As a nation, we excel at ‘deals’ that are not in our long term interest.

  4. David,

    When that hard border eventually appears, the Ulster Canal (and the Shannon Erne Waterway) are finished.

  5. It is the usual Irish solution to an Irish problem. Pretend it has been solved and (hard) decisions can be left to the future. Ireland would win a gold medal in can-kicking!

  6. I hope to get up the SEW next year for a final visit to Norn Iron.

    After that, I’ll be investing in refugee camps south of the border, and waiting for Kate Hoey to change her “mind” about who pays for hardening it (she does not seem to have heard of the WTO). bjg

  7. Ewan, if any waterway in the north is reopened to navigation, I’d say it will be the Newry Canal. The route is still intact (the towpath is a popular walking/cyle route) and there’s a well-intentioned bunch of volunteers at the Newry branch of the IWAI steadily beavering away at it. Just a question of incremental lock refurbishment and channel dredging (and fundraising, of course ;)
    In contrast, the Ulster Canal is barely visible in the landscape in most places, has no-one working on it and no money on offer to do anything about it.

    Actually though, the big bucks are being bandied around for the Lagan Navigation. The DUP don’t seem to have realised that a large part of the former channel has the M1 built on top of it.

  8. David,

    Along with Brian Goggin, I am one of the most ardent opponents of the “restoration” of the Ulster Canal. Separately, I would personally favour a hard border (not due to its effect on the SEW or the Ulster Canal).

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