Brexit: a superb article


4 responses to “Brexit: a superb article

  1. written by an Irishman who’s chosen to live in the UK rather than Ireland, but nevertheless is offended by the suggestion that Ireland might want to join the UK [unrecognised word deleted]

  2. Of course the neighbours have got the thing the wrong way about. The solution to all of the UK’s prpblems is indeed a re-enactment of the Acts of Union, under which England (well, the more appealing bits anyway, including the City of London), Scotland and Wales join Ireland, each of them with the status of a county. I reckon the Healy-Rae brothers would make good viceroys (or perhaps I should say vicepresidents) and would relieve the neighbours of the tedious business of governing, for which they clearly have no talent.

    The United Kingdom of the Nasty Bits of Great Britain and Northern Ireland could then leave the EU while the sane Britons remained.


  3. It is indeed; thanks for the post

  4. Thanks for bringing the article to our attention.

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