I just thought you’d like to know that …

Oranges, lemons, corks, and a few other articles are often sold by the gross; nails, tacks, &c have six score to the hundred.

Sheet lead is from 6 lb to 10 lb to the square foot. A pipe of an inch bore is commonly 13 lb or 14 lb to the yard in length.

A solid yard of well wrought clay will make 460 bricks. Thirty-two common bricks will cover a square yard. A common brick must not be more than 9 inches long, 4½ inches wide, and 2½ inches thick.

Plain tiles should be 10½inches long, 6¼ inches wide and ⅝ inches thick.

An imperial gallon of seal or whale oil should weigh 9 lb; spermaceti, 8 lb; which test of quantity all consumers are recommended to employ, as many use the old measure, which is 1-5th less.

The log-line used in the navy is 48 feet long.

From Statistics and Calculations essentially necessary to persons connected with Railways or Canals; containing a variety of information not to be found elsewhere. Calculated and arranged by Samuel Salt 2nd ed Effingham Wilson, London 1846

3 responses to “I just thought you’d like to know that …

  1. That is good to know. And indeed, points to the answer to Brexit. Once the politicos are finishing sniping, the business community will get back to trading and doing deals. Something the politicians seem to have forgotten how to do…

  2. Deals, eh? Glad you asked me that.

    A Standard of Deals is 120 in number of 12 Feet long, 1½ inches thick, and 11 inches wide. A Standard Cwt of Red Deals is 2 tons 15 cwt but a Standard Cwt of White Deals is only 2 tons 10 cwt. Of course I’m sure you don’t need to be told that a Standard Cwt is 165 Cubic Feet. [ibid]

    Not a lot of people know that.


  3. Redmond O'Brien

    Great details!

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