Leaving the space

A River Bathing Rite for Pilgrimaging Irish Polytheists, it says here.


6 responses to “Leaving the space

  1. Well we could certainly do with some purification over here in Leixlip. The poor old Liffey is getting a hammering. Many candles and many petals, please.

  2. Don’t worry: we’re building a pipeline from the Shannon for you. bjg

  3. Ah yes. Dear Old Dirty Dublin continuing to devour everything in its path.

    Mind you, one potential answer to the water problem might be to re-purpose the exhausted bogs of the midlands and create a Rutland Water-style reservoir that would have massive benefits for the local community in terms of sailing, fishing, walking, boating, etc. Lough Boora has been a success. This could be too. But it would also serve as a buffer for water needs for the capital, and take away excess water from the Shannon which might help prevent flooding (and possibly avoid abstraction that might lead to low levels in the summer season that cause problems for leisure cruising).

    In the meantime, exepct lots more turbidity ;-)

  4. IIRC Bord na Móna proposed that as an addendum to the pipeline scheme. I don’t know whether it was seriously considered by Irish Water or its predecessors. Nor do I know whether it would have been large enough to absorb winter-level-Shannon excess waters. However, it did sound like a good idea, and I think the proposal included the leisure-activity provisions you mention. bjg

  5. Thanks for the update. It seems like a decent plan, but we don’t seem to do large-scale infrastructure in this country lately. Or at least, not that well. Right-ho. Off to boil some water…

  6. Thoughtful

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