Invitation to book launch, and remembering Brian

Readers of this site will be aware that in the final months of his life Brian brought together a collection of his writing to be published posthumously. That book – Waterways and Means – is now finished, and we, his family, would love you to join us for its launch and to remember Brian.

When: Thursday 2nd June 2022, 5.30pm

Where: Flanagan’s on the Lake, Ballina, Co Tipperary

Please come, and spread the word to anyone who may like to join us. 


Waterways and Means is a selection of writings mainly on the late 18th and 19th century, a boom period for Irish waterways.  HM Treasury had cash to burn and influential Irish MPs were keen to bring that money home in the form of infrastructure investment.

As navigation by water became faster and easier, new possibilities opened up: fresh eggs and bacon to Liverpool for breakfast, a ready supply of turf to Limerick to fuel the distillery, bogs drained for arable land, and fast, comfortable trips to Kilkee to take the sea air.

Based on a collection of Brian’s extensive research and writings on Irish waterways, this book tells the story of those improvements and of many diversions along the way: waterways which were never completed, debauchery in the canals of Dublin, cargoes stolen, workers on strike and boats sunk.

It is a selection of what his family hope you will find to be interesting articles, rather than a comprehensive history of Ireland’s waterways.


The book will be available for purchase at the event at a special price of €30, and on the IWAI website after launch.  The event will be about remembering him, as much as launching the book.

Other launch events:

Waterways Ireland will be hosting a launch event on 1st June in Dublin for both the book and the archival materials that have been donated to them by Brian’s family.  As numbers will be limited at this event, please let me know if you would like to attend it and I’ll send details.

The Heritage Boat Association is hosting a launch of the book on Sunday 5th June at their 21st anniversary gathering in Ballinasloe.  If you are not attending the gathering and wish to attend this, please let me know as the HBA would like an indication of numbers.

Contact can be made by leaving a comment in response to this post. The comment won’t be published unless relevant to a wider audience.

2 responses to “Invitation to book launch, and remembering Brian


    I am keenly interested in acquiring a copy of the book but I live in Wales. How will we in the UK be able to buy the book? You will remember that the R&CHS were proud to have published Brian’s book “The Royal Under the Railway” and there are sure to be several of our members who will want the book.

    I hope the launches go well.


    Stephen Rowson

    Hon Sec

    R&CHS Publications Committee

  2. Stephen and I have discussed this as a result of his comment. We will publish further details via R&CHS – Brian hugely valued his contact with them. Please feel free to email me if you are in the UK and looking for a copy, and I’ll get in touch with you in due course. Anne

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