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Before Viagra …


It is much to be regretted, but indisputably certain, that many persons of both sexes are deterred from entering the married state, by infirmities which delicacy forbids them to disclose; and many married persons are rendered miserable for want of those pledges of mutual love, without which happiness is at least precarious; these circumstances are occasioned by relaxation and weakness; and it is certain that DOCTOR SMITH’S BALM OF GILEAD is the best, if not the only remedy, ever discovered for this species of debility.

When taken into the stomach, it immediately diffuses itself like a vapour through every pore, producing effects at once delightful, salutary, and permanent; it gives tone to the nerves, exhilirates [sic] the spirits, invigorates the body, and re-animates the whole man. Those deluded individuals who have injured their health by secret sensuality in their youth, or by excesses of intemperance in riper years; the nervous and debilitated of every class; the relaxed, the languid, and the exhausted, will find in this Medicine a balm, a comfort, a consolation, and remedy for all infirmities.

Prepared and Sold by Dr Smith, at his House, No 46, Marlborough-street, Dublin, where he may be consulted every day personally, or by letter, post-paid; and at PRICE’S Medical Repository, 86, Grafton-street. Price 10s, 35s and £5.

See Practical Observations (Second Edition) on Tabes Dorsalis, or Nervous Atrophy, by E Smith MD. Price 1s 6d.

Observe — DOCTOR SMITH has withdrawn his Medicine, &c from BULL’S, 79, Dame-street.