Budget 2011: Waterways Ireland

Money to be paid by Dept of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs to Waterways Ireland in 2011:

  • current expenditure down from €25,585,000 to €24,335,000 (I make that a cut of just under 5%)
  • capital expenditure down from €8,000,000 to €6,000,000 (25%)
  • total down from €33,585,000 to €30,335,000 (about 10%).


2 responses to “Budget 2011: Waterways Ireland

  1. Truly sad, considering that these excellent waterways are not only a Historical Gem of both Families & economics. But a supurb way to introduce many tourists from Eire and abroad to the fantasic, vibrant life of what is now & will be the future of a Great Country.
    The nation of the Republic of Eire is facing down a huge ” Dragon of Debt “, I personally believe that it is further damaging to the economy to erode the Magnetism of the Nation by reducing capital input to a True Economic Porwerhouse …one of the Pivot Points of Tourism. On average each Euro Invested ( not spent ) will return to the Nation 5 fold!

    Richard @ SGC

  2. Hi, Richard. Hope your grandson enjoyed meeting Santa. A lot of Waterford connections out in NL/Carbonear, I believe; you might be interested in my pages about the River Suir. bjg

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