Ephemera 15: consultation

The most recent version of Waterways Ireland’s plan for the Ulster Canal has a section (3.1 in the contents list, 3.3 in the document) on “Engaging with the Public”. It says:

The development of this Restoration Plan and accompanying SEA and AA are iterative processes that  enable both environmental authorities and the general public to get involved early on in the process in order to give submissions and comments before any final decisions are adopted.

To fully engage with the public the draft Restoration Plan and associated SEA and AA were:
– put on public display,
– sent to the prescribed regulators and environmental authorities; and
– written submissions were invited on both the Environmental Reports and draft Plan.

Waterways Ireland also took the proactive step of placing all documentation associated with every step of the Restoration Plan and SEA process on their website: http://www.waterwaysireland.org

That doesn’t mention any public meetings, but there is an illustration of such a meeting, with earnest members of the public being consulted.

Folk being consulted

Hmm. Looks like Mike and Rosaleen Miller at the back on the left: no doubt visiting from France. But that red decor looks familiar ….

My photo of the same event

WI consultation meeting about its marketing strategy: Shannon Oaks Hotel, Portumna, 27 January 2003.




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