Mid Shannon Corridor Tourism subsidy


I have been trying for some time to find out whether anyone has taken advantage of the Mid-Shannon Corridor Tourism Infrastructure Investment Scheme. I sent this email to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport in July 2011; I received no reply, so I have sent it again today.


Your website’s list of contacts does not include an email address for the section of your department that deals with tourism [it still doesn’t, on 1 Novemebr 2011], so I would be grateful if you would pass this query to the appropriate person.

I have some questions about the Mid-Shannon Corridor Tourism Infrastructure Investment Scheme. I would be grateful if you could tell me how many applications for approval in principle have been received.

Could I have a list of the applicants and their proposals please?

How many applications have been approved?

Could I have a list of them please?

On how many projects has expenditure been incurred?

Could I have a list of them please?



5 responses to “Mid Shannon Corridor Tourism subsidy

  1. In cases such as this where the issue could be a bit of a hot potato I have found that it is better to write a letter rather than email. Emails to TDs are usually answered, but questions via email to ministers and departments are often ignored.

  2. On the other hand, a record of unanswered emails strengthens the case for the prosecution …. bjg

  3. I suppose it depends on what you are trying to achieve – to get your questions answered or build a case. From experience if you really want answers then a letter has a much better chance of getting a result.

  4. Posting a letter is a nuisance: I have to print stuff, find a stamp, walk to the post office. It’s worth doing only when it’s going to get an answer, which means at the stage of submitting an FOI request. Up to that point, sending an email is far more convenient for me — and my convenience trumps that of public servants. If the civil service has not yet developed systems for handling email, then it’s about time it did so, and I’m not going to encourage it to stick to slovenly and antiquated methods. I’m helping public service reform, that’s what I’m doing, and I deserve the thanks of the taxpayer. bjg

  5. Two further emails, in late November 2011 and in January 2012, went unanswered, so I sent in an FOI request. Fromt hat I have learned (so far) that the department has no “detailed or up to date responses” to my request. However, the mid-Shannon Tourism Infrastructure Board should make an annual report to the department, and the government should (as far as I can gather) make an annual report to the EU Commission, so I have asked for copies of those reports. I will also ask Shannon Development for information about the scheme. bjg

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