Goodbye pork pie — what?

It’s a conspiracy, I tell you. Jacob Rees-Mogg wants to keep all the cheese and all the pork pies for himself (though you’d have thought the Brexiteers produced enough pork pies of their own).

No more Wensleydale, Caerphilly, Lancashire, real Cheddar or the other [animal-based edible] delights of foraging across the water.

Goodbye pork pie hat.

But on the water, this will mean that boaters on the Shannon–Erne Waterway will have to be careful not to move animal products from one side of the boat to the other. Travelling to the Erne, Free State products may have to be kept on the starboard side and Brexitanian products on the port; they’ll have to be swapped over for the return journey.


2 responses to “Goodbye pork pie — what?

  1. Arrah no harm. We have plenty of lovely Irish cheese. Though I would miss Stilton at Christmas…

  2. Indeed, but we don’t (as far as I know) have cheeses with that lactic sourness that Wensleydale and Lancashire have. Happily, I bought a whole Wensleydale from the creamery last year and still have some in the freezer. bjg

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