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Another adventurous person

“The O’Gorman” Mahon

What interesting people …

… you come across when reading Hansard. Jane Digby, for one.

Leaving the space

A River Bathing Rite for Pilgrimaging Irish Polytheists, it says here.



I must apologise to the person who reached this site by searching for “local youghal sex videos”. There is some material here about Youghal, but I am afraid there are no videos.

The border after Brexit

Peter May says that Richard Chambers has the answer.

Header photo 27 September 2019

Shannon Harbour July 2013

Arr, Jim lad

Lord Bonkers reminds us today of the evils of piracy.

Which is appropriate, as it’s ITLAP day.

Goodbye, Mr Pastry

Mr Trump, the chap they have in the Americas nowadays, has dispensed with the services of his national security adviser, Mr Pastry.

I can’t remember who first pointed out the resemblance; apologies. More on Mr Pastry here.

And if you liked that, you might like Wilson, Keppel and Betty. Who needs breakdancers?

The new header photo

Kilteery pier, on the Shannon estuary, August 2015

Westvleteren …

… now on tinterweb.

Been there, done that; got the beer, glasses and crate. And very nice too.