Losing weight

From the Waterways Ireland Signage Design Manual (October 2012) [PDF]:


2 responses to “Losing weight

  1. I continue to find it intellectually offensive that made-up phonetic spellings of the Ulster Scots dialect are added to signs. But I expect the DUP will also find it mortally offensive that a pagan water deity is emblazed upon their signs. I guess the aim is to seek parity of offense.

  2. I am one of (I guess) relatively few folk in the south who possesses dictionaries of Ulster Scots, so I’m interested in what you say. Do you see Ulster Scots as a dialect of English or of Scots, and would you be more offended in the one case than in the other? Putting it another way, is there an accepted set of Scots spellings that differs from English spellings? If there is, is that non-offensive? And do you see Ulster Scots as being a dialect of Scots Scots that should use Scots spellings?

    There is a separable issue of made-up words, often to cater for modern concepts, positions and inventions. That is a problem shared by Irish and indeed by most languages that are not English.

    Incidentally, I learn from The Boord o’ Ulster-Scotch that its newspaper Ulster-Scot has been relaunched.


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