Map of Irish watercourses

A Google alert came up with this. Clicking on it opens it on a different background; clicking again increases it in size and a third click reduces it again. I can’t do anything else with it and I don’t know who produced it, but maybe others can do more. It’s very elegant anyway.


2 responses to “Map of Irish watercourses

  1. Thomas Paul Mc Cann

    I can’t speak for Apple machines but generally with a PC Ctrl plus + will increase the screen magnification

    Apologies if I’me teaching my granny to suck eggs. (Never sucked an egg, my stomach heaves at the idea but I have blown them)

  2. Not at all; thanks. It’s just that I’m conscious my browser settings are unusual, so other people can often do or see things on web pages that I can’t without making adjustments [for instance, I get an error message if I try to open Not that I want to, in the normal course of events, as I do not trust these new-fangled flying machines. And I know why I can’t open the aerlingus page and what to do about it if I should wish to look at it]. I wondered therefore whether the map might have more features than I could see. bjg

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