Irish Times headline

Plane sailing: Boeing 767 travels up Shannon to new home

Link here (until it disappears behind a paywall).

That should read “… travels up (for certain values of ‘up’) …”.

This follows the IT‘s recent identification of the canal at Allenwood as the Royal Canal.

Ou sont les subeditors de yesteryear?

They’re not working for [HM] Independent, though, which recently produced this wonderful headline:

Beetle Dune: VW’s peon to the Baja bugs of yore will cost from £21,300

Perhaps it’s a comment on working conditions in the Mexican car industry.


One response to “Irish Times headline

  1. Antoin Daltun

    There is a good video at and pics at and

    C17A GLOBEMASTER 3 09-9208 USAF 437th AW

    The absentee sub-editors might be in shock because Enda Kenny does not recognise his party’s descent from Cumann na nGael whose leader WT Cosgrave headed 2 Provisional Governments and 5 Executive Councils of the Irish Free State.

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