Down with the euro

If Ireland had its own currency, the Central Bank could do things like this.

h/t Matt Levine, the thinking man’s guide to higher finance, who says that this [is that what Twitter looks like?] is a translation and that this is an account of the matter.

Now, over to Philip Lane ….

2 responses to “Down with the euro

  1. If we still had our own currency, it would also encourage reckless “investment” like thon Sheugh.

  2. Have you read the latest? The Economic Assessment section is particularly interesting:

    6.2 Economic Assessment
    Ultimately, the cost of developing a route will play a part in the decision-making process. It may be technically possible to overcome an obstacle, but the cost might make it unfeasible and a longer route chosen. All factors in the Greenway Strategy will be assessed and the most sustainable routes chosen.

    Good to know that’s being looked after.

    BTW, I’ve just been reading a report of a meeting of Galway Town Commissioners in 1850. The Corrib works, including the Cong Canal, were under way, and Galway had hopes of being the Transatlantic Packet Station, but they also thought it might be quite useful to have a canal from Killary Harbour to Lough Corrib, which was only seven miles.


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