For qualified MIT pirates only

Curricukum: archery, fencing, pistol (or rifle) and sailing. But

The MIT Pirate certificate is for entertainment purposes only and does not give the recipient license to engage in piracy or any pirate activities.


h/t Tyler Cowen

3 responses to “For qualified MIT pirates only

  1. All you need are letters of marque

  2. When I left Pembroke Port 7 1/2 ears ago, the boat was unregistered so I flew a Jolly Rodger.  The police, with whom we had shared some light-hearted banter during the summer, came tearing down the Haven, pulled along side us and said “we have had reports of pirates in the area, could you let us know if you see any”.  They then wished up a good voyage and departed.

  3. As I’m not an MIT student/graduate, I can’t apply – it would have gone well with my status as a Minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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