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Slightly early for September 2020. Lecarrow off Lough Ree.

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  1. Redmond O'Brien

    I thought the Leecarrow Canal wasn’t usable? I had been up there on a hire boat from SGS Marine near Coosan Point many many moons ago, but hire boats weren’t allowed up the canal in subsequent years. I see it looking well on Google Maps now though.

  2. The hire firms didn’t like it because, as a canal, it got a lot of weed growth in summer and the weeds would clog the water intakes.. The boats, IIRC, were not fitted with filters on their water intakes, or perhaps the firms found that hirers didn’t clear them often enough. Anyway, I think that’s why hire boats didn’t use it but private boats did and do. bjg

  3. In autumn 2018 we sailed up and down the Lecarrow Canal. Yes it is weedy but the more boats go up and down the more weeds will be cut down.

  4. Thanks, Vincent.

    I’d like to put up a link to your book if you can tell me where it’s on sale. bjg

  5. The booklet ‘The Motor Yacht Club of Ireland’ is available from me at or from I.W.A.I. bookshop. Costs in the region of €15 depending on what numbers and discount offers made by the printers. A second book on the North Shannon Yacht Club will be available before Christmas,

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