The disappearance of the Erne Canal

In February 2011 I provided a link to a website about the most insane inland waterway ever proposed in Ireland (at least in recent years: watch this space!), the “Erne Canal” that was to link Belleek to Ballyshannon and the Atlantic. The website seems to have disappeared or died, perhaps reflecting an outbreak of post-tigerian realism amongst the enthusiasts for northsouthery. But if it reappears, perhaps someone will let me know. I have copies of the various documents that were downloadable from the site.

Some hours later: I spoke too soon. See Comments below: the site is back up. Perhaps it was a temporary glitch on tinterweb.

The proposal is still insane, though.

2 responses to “The disappearance of the Erne Canal

  1. I’ve just checked, and the website seems to be up again. I don’t know what the old site looked like, but I think this one doesn’t look too bad (what I’ve seen of it so far). They seem to be concentrating on feasibility and impact studies.

  2. THanks, Garrett: it is indeed back up. The site is OK: it’s the proposal that’s insane. I don’t think anything has been added to the site for some time; I think (or perhaps hope) that the idea is dead. bjg