Air, not water, but …

Today’s edition of the Independent on Sunday [not to be confused with the Irish Sunday Independent] has an article about Tracey Curtis-Taylor and her proposed flight from Cape Town to Goodwood in Sussex in commemoration of the first light-aircraft flight from South Africa to Britain, which was made by Mary, Lady Heath in 1928.

The newspaper account says:

The journey is being touted as a boost for Britain. Maria Miller, the Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, said: “The groundbreaking achievements of Lady Heath deserve recognition. I hope everyone who watches as [Curtis-Taylor] retraces the route will be inspired to visit the country that she comes from.”

How kind of Ms Miller to promote Irish tourism: Mary, Lady Heath was from Co Limerick in Ireland.

2 responses to “Air, not water, but …

  1. Ah sure maybe the UK Tourist Board will help with the roads network around Knockaderry outside Limerick, for all the UK visitors she might insptre to trek to “the country that she comes from”

  2. Roads? An international airport would be more appropriate. bjg

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