The future of railways

None, or at least very little. A sensible government would regard the current union activity as a suicide note, but I suppose support for a technology of the nineteenth century is at least marginally better than suppord for one of the eighteenth. Brian Lucey has the right idea, although I’m puzzled by his proposed route from Dublin to Cork.

One response to “The future of railways

  1. What always makes me laugh are the cries here in the UK to “renationalise the railways!!!”
    “But,” say I, “You do realised that in one part of the UK, Northern Ireland, the railways have been nationalised since 1947, and the result of putting them in the hands of the government was that it closed about 80% of the lines… do you really want your transport infrastructure in the hands of capricious, short-termists and even – whisper it – sectarianly-motived politicians?” …… now it looks like I’ll also be able to say to them “What, you mean like Ireland’s nationalised railways, which are all being closed down?”

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