Walking the Royal

Great walking match

A CELEBRATED MATCH is now performing by W F Simpson, a Native of Dublin, at RUSSELL-STREET, or JONES’S-BRIDGE, Royal Canal. He purposes Walking

1000 Quarter Miles in 1000 Quarter Hours!

for a Wager of £100 to £50. Such a feat has never been performed by any Pedestrian trained in England.

Admission, 2d each.

Freeman’s Journal 25 September 1850

From the British Newspaper Archive run by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited, in partnership with the British Library.

2 responses to “Walking the Royal

  1. What has “Walking the Royal” to do with Waterways Ireland??
    I feel all subject matter on this site should have a semblance of pertaining to Waterways Ireland. At least somewhat!

  2. As this site is not owned, funded, sponsored, approved, written or in any other way supported by Waterways Ireland, save in the occasonal provision of information, I don’t see why that should be. Waterways Ireland has its own website here, as well as newfangled things like Facetweet and Booktube.

    This site is funded by me and therefore reflects my interests. bjg

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