Sailing directions: Shannon Estuary and Loughs Derg (1838-9), Ree (1837) and Erne (1835-6)

Here are the Sailing Directions for the Shannon Estuary (completed before 1848) and for Lough Erne (1835-6), Lough Ree (1837) and Lough Derg (1838-9). They were compiled by Commander James Wolfe RN, who was one of those who drew up the relevant Admiralty Charts. Like the Charts, these Directions have not been updated, so boaters should not rely on them for navigation.

The Google Books Team have kindly permitted me to extract these from a larger document, which was one of those they had scanned and placed online, and to make them available (free, of course) to visitors to this site. Note that I have omitted part of the description of the smaller Lough Derg, which is not part of the connected waterways system.

Shannon & Erne sailing directions

3 responses to “Sailing directions: Shannon Estuary and Loughs Derg (1838-9), Ree (1837) and Erne (1835-6)

  1. What an interesting read. I can across the link while looking for something else, perhaps you might be able to help?

    Do you know if it is possible to get the old admiralty chart of Lough Ree? I think it is no longer published and I cannot find it on the Admiralty Online website.

  2. Carrick Craft got a licence to reproduce the Derg and Ree charts, although they are careful to point out that they are not intended as modern navigation aids and are not to be relied upon. The charts are available in A2 (not really big enough, I felt) and A1 sizes. They don’t seem to be mentioned on their website any more but if you ring Carrick Craft they will sell one to you. Contact details on


  3. Well done, it was nice seeing Ballyleague/lanesborough as it was in those days gone by. Some of those buildings in the drawings have still lasted the ages of time.

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