Ephemera 14: Ulster Canal: departmental bullshit

I have created a new page covering correspondence with the Department of Community Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs in January 2011. I have accordingly removed postings Ephemera 11 and Ephemera 13; the correspondence with the department is now on the new page.

I don’t know why the Irish government finds it so difficult to provide a straight answer to a straight question (well, actually, I can guess, but let’s be polite). But if funding were available, the government would be issuing press releases to beat the band, especially with an election coming up. So I deduce that there is no money, although I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a press release or two making some vague announcement or lauding the start of some low-cost activity.

But I won’t believe in the restoration or rebuilding of the Ulster Canal until I see evidence that real money has been allocated to cover the cost.


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