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Funding the Ulster Canal

I go away for a week and suddenly there’s lots of information about the funding of the Ulster Canal …. Happily, I was on the Erne, so I was able to read the Anglo-Celt, the Leitrim Observer and the Impartial Reporter, and was thus able to keep up with the news.

The really extraordinary thing, no doubt the result of an amazing coincidence, is that this sudden access of information comes just as I expect a ruling from the Office of the Information Commissioner on my appeal against Craggy Island’s refusal to give me any meaningful information about the funding of the project.

My last letter to Craggy Island on the subject was a request for an internal review of their refusal; as expected, that too resulted in a refusal, which enabled me to go to the Information Commissioner. You might, nonetheless, be interested to read my letter.

I will comment later on the content of the recent relevations and on how they’ve been spun; happily, Ewan Duffy was not deceived by the spin.

Ephemera 14: Ulster Canal: departmental bullshit

I have created a new page covering correspondence with the Department of Community Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs in January 2011. I have accordingly removed postings Ephemera 11 and Ephemera 13; the correspondence with the department is now on the new page.

I don’t know why the Irish government finds it so difficult to provide a straight answer to a straight question (well, actually, I can guess, but let’s be polite). But if funding were available, the government would be issuing press releases to beat the band, especially with an election coming up. So I deduce that there is no money, although I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a press release or two making some vague announcement or lauding the start of some low-cost activity.

But I won’t believe in the restoration or rebuilding of the Ulster Canal until I see evidence that real money has been allocated to cover the cost.